Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 02nd, 2014 God has clouded people’s minds because of their lovelessness. There has been a huge increase in a snobbish and aggressive kind of language. These people think they are very smart but speak very foolishly. They think they talk very expertly, but they fail to grasp even the simplest matter. They fail to grasp the most obvious logic, or even totally misinterpret it and make mindless comments. It is a miracle how God has deprived these people of their minds. He takes away their minds and makes them wretched. Their lives are no life at all. God makes them miserable in a state of total pain and wretchedness. They cannot be happy. They know no joy. They delight in nothing. They live the pain of hating by day and by night. They wither away and die in that state of pain. They never ask, ‘Why are we so wretched? Why are we so stupid?’ They fail even to realize they are stupid. So if you are that loveless, you will eventually fall into mindlessness. No rational person could be so loveless and lacking in kindness and affection. 

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God has clouded people’s minds because of their lovelessness

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